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Meet our

Massage Team



Since 2009, I've held a license as a Massage Therapist, eager to deliver top-notch massage therapy services to my friends in Adams County. Proficient in various massage techniques such as Swedish Massage, Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage (both pre and postnatal), and Sports Massage. Additionally, I'm certified in Releasing the Rotator Cuff Muscles.

Throughout the last 13 years, I've actively pursued training opportunities, collaborating with exceptional individuals who have contributed significantly to refining my skills. This includes:

  • Completing an externship with the Indianapolis Indians, focusing on sports massage and stretching techniques.
  • Employment across three Chiropractors' offices, where I assessed and assisted in treating both chronic and acute injuries/pain.
  • Pursuing education and training at Harrison College, culminating in an Associate's degree in Applied Science for Therapeutic and Clinical Massage.



I graduated from Ivy Tech in May of 2021 with my Associates degree of Applied Sciences. I then passed my MBLEX in August of 2021 certifying me officially as a massage therapist.

I have background in various massage settings such as a chiropractic center, a salon, and now at MonroeWellness. I am proficient in Swedish massage, therapeutic/deep tissue massage, and prenatal massage.

I look forward to continuing my education for my own growth as a therapist and to continue to best serve my clients!



I recently graduated with my Technical Certificate in Holistic Health and am going back to school for my associates degree this spring. I'm working on furthering my education to offer the best care to my clients and future clients.

I will be offering sports, deep tissue, swedish, shiatsu and prenatal massages! I plan on continuing my education by offering cupping, scraping, aromatherapy, and hot stones within the next year.

In my free time, I like to spend time with my friends and family. I enjoy playing softball during the summer and fall!

If you are looking for some self care, pain relief, stress reduction and a lot more benefits from receiving a massage, stop by and see me! I can't wait to work with all of you!

We are scheduling Tiffany at our current location now! Message us to schedule or with questions!

Meet our

Esthetics Team



I’m a licensed esthetician offering permanent makeup, spray tans, waxing, lifts and tints, and acne solutions. I love working with clients to get their best results!

I’m a happy new mom…again! I have a 17 month going on 17 year old daughter, and just welcomed a son last month! My husband and I are over the moon and very exhausted, lol!

When not at work or responding to clients I enjoy spending my time giggling with my daughter, snuggling a newborn, dreaming with my husband, and educating myself on new treatments for my clients.

Happy to be starting at Monroe Wellness and welcoming this new chapter!

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with Michaela



Hi, I'm Megan. I've been an esthetician for 13 years. My ​husband Carey and I have two wonderful pitbulls, Letti and ​Brutus.

We enjoy traveling and taking our dogs with us. I enjoy ​practicing yoga and keeping inner peace. I look forward to ​meeting new clients and helping them relax.

Megan will be offering massage and waxing services!



Hi, I’m Allison! I began my career as an Esthetician in 2021 ​after struggling with my own skin for years. I understand so ​well the confidence that comes from finally putting your ​best face forward. I’m super passionate about results ​driven skincare!

I love anything and everything creative, and when I’m not ​at the spa you can find me thrifting, sewing & crocheting, ​listening to music, or traveling!

Meet our

Salon Team



I am so excited to join the team at MonroeWellness! I have been in the beauty industry since 2017 and have worked in lots of different settings over the years.

After taking a year and a half to stay home with my son, I’m ready to jump back into the cosmetology world!

I would consider myself a Jack of all trades when it comes to services but I love to do short haircuts (men’s or women’s) and all types of color. I am accepting new clients and can’t wait to have you in my chair.



I’ve been working behind the chair for twelve years and absolutely have a passion for it!

My favorite thing about being in the beauty industry would have to be getting to know my clients and helping them feel amazing & confident!

When I’m not working I am running after my two children who are 7 & 3.

I love reading books and my dream is to have a room full of bookcases in my house one day!

Currently I am accepting morning only clients.

Meet our

Fitness Team



I grew up in Van Wert and moved to Decatur in 2002. I’m married and have 3 kids. I’ve been a stay at home mom for the last 10+years.

My free time is mostly spent with friends and family. I love to craft and give back to our community.

It is my goal to make exercise FUN!



II'm a native of the area, married to my soulmate and best friend, with four amazing kids who keep us on our toes. In 2019, I started my health journey and discovered a passion for fitness in 2022, combining dance and fitness.

My desire and goal is to encourage woman to enjoy movement and see how truly beautiful they are. I will be the biggest cheerleader and supporter in your journey! I'm super excited to bring Lady Fit Cardio /Pound ( drumming cardio) /Strength training!



I'm a graduate of Adams Central and Anderson University, with a Bachelor's in Business Management and Marketing.

My husband Trevor and I enjoy boating, vacationing, eating out, and spending time with family. I attend and volunteer at The Bridge Community Church in Berne and LifeWise, sharing the love of Jesus.

I started yoga to manage pain, and it also helped me mentally, boosting my confidence and relieving stress. In 2020 I took a yoga training class which led to becoming a 200-hour registered yoga instructor.

Meet our

Fitness Team



I teach Yoga & Toning at the Berne Wellness & lead exercises for Assisted Living at Swiss Village and the Bluffton YMCA. I hold certifications as an RYT200 with Yoga Alliance, Leader, and YMCA Group Exercise Instructor. My fitness routine includes yoga, weight training, and walking. I love to bring all the glory to God by using Christian music & scripture in all of my classes.

Highlights include instructing Ossian Elementary students, Rock Steady Boxing, Teen Bible Study groups, Bluffton H.S. staff, Kingdom Academy 3rd graders, and Bison Yoga at Ouabache. I also host the podcast 'Let Them Hear-Bible Study with Debi'. I want people to embrace the fact that they are fearfully and wonderfully made and to have fun while getting fit.



I received my 200 hr ryt certification in December of 2020 and have taught many classes since then. My favorite type of classes to teach are flow and power yoga. Things I enjoy outside of teaching and practicing yoga are spending time with my family, and my church family!!

My husband, 6 girls and 2 dogs mean the world to me. We enjoy doing activities outdoors. We also spend a lot of time at our family farm and showing dairy cattle with our extended family.”

Massage & Cupping



30 Minutes • $40

45 Minutes • $55

60 Minutes • $70

90 Minutes • $100


Long, flowing strokes, kneading, and circular movements on the top layers of muscles. It's primarily aimed at relaxation, easing muscle tension, and improving circulation.

Deep Tissue

Focuses on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It uses more intense pressure and slower strokes to target specific problem areas. Deep tissue massage is often sought for chronic muscle tension or injury recovery.

Pregnancy (Pre * Post)

Specifically designed for expectant mothers, this massage helps alleviate discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as back pain, swelling, and stress using techniques adjusted for the pregnant body positioning and safety.


Geared towards athletes, this massage focuses on preventing and treating injuries, enhancing athletic performance, and promoting faster recovery. May include stretching, compression, and addressing specific muscle groups.


A complementary or standalone treatment to address various physical ailments and support the body's natural healing processes. It's focused on functional improvement and can be a valuable part of a wellness routine for those seeking relief from specific musculoskeletal issues or wanting to enhance their overall health.

woman receiving cupping treatment on back


30 Minutes • $35

Cupping Therapy

A traditional, time-honored practice that utilizes the techniques of negative pressure rather than tissue compression. It has been used for many years to alleviate discomfort in musculoskeletal, dermal, digestive, and psychological conditions.

Cupping massage is a safe and non-invasive modality that uses suction cups to create decompression, rather than tissue compression. This decompression helps relieve aching muscles and joint stiffness, reduce inflammation and provide relief for many acute and chronic conditions. While some people find cupping to be a unique experience, others find it to be very enjoyable and quite relaxing.

Cupping Massage can be beneficial in alleviating the following:

  • Pain - Caused by migraines and repetitive muscle use
  • Stress - As blood flow increases, you can experience a sense of relief and relaxation
  • Injuries - Brings healthy blood flow to the injured tissues to aid in the healing process, while also drawing toxins away from the area
  • Respiratory Issues - Using suction cups on the chest can increase blood flow and drain lymphatic fluid


Facial Massage to a Beautiful Girl in a Beauty Clinic.


Rejuvenating skincare treatment focusing on targeting your specific skin concerns such as hydration, aging, impurities, acne treatments, brightening dull skin or calming sensitive skin.

Providing safe and effective skincare is our top priority. Alissa will dedicate time for a personalized consultation and to plan your treatment and aftercare.

• $30

• $20

• $25

• $5+

• $3


Hand Treatment

Foot Treatment




Areas & Pricing





• $40

• $70

• $80

• $50

Young Woman Undergoing Eyelash Lamination, Closeup. Professional


Unlock the secret to effortless glamour and elevate your beauty routine with our lash lift and tint, and brow lamination and tint

services. Revel in the transformative power of subtle enhancements, designed to amplify your natural allure.

Brow Tint • $20

Brow Lamination • $65

Lamination & Tint • $75

Lash Tint • $15

Lash Lift • $65

Lift & Tint • $75

Sugar Wax in a bowl with peony


A selection of gentle hard and soft waxes are used to ensure your skin is smooth and radiant.

Areas & Pricing

Brows • $20

Lip/Chin • $10

Nares • $10

Full Face • $25

Underarms • $25

Half Arms • $22

Full Arms • $45

Half Legs • $26

Full Legs • $52

Chest • $40

Tummy • $40

Chest & Tummy • $70

Back • $60

*Bikini • $35

*Buttock • $50

*Brazilian • $70

*-Maintenance • $60

*Females only

Foot Detox

foot detox

30 Minutes • $20

Stimulate the positive & negative ions in your body which help rid your body of toxins that get stored in joints, organs, nerves & tissues causing disease, pain, allergies, hormone imbalance & immune system breakdown.

Your feet contain an average of 2,000 pores, and those pores are some of the largest in the body. There are more than 360 acupuncture points on the body, and more than 60 of them are located on the soles of the feet. Each acupuncture point correlates or connects to an organ and a specific area of the body, making the feet an ideal pathway for revitalizing well-being.

The ionic footbath takes advantage of these “healing” points by stimulating them through immersing the feet in water that is ionized (hence, the name “ionic” footbath). There are many claims on the Internet and by manufacturers about the detoxification effects of ionic footbaths. Some researchers and footbath manufacturers claim that the weak electrical current that runs through the water, to which salt is added, creates a balance of negative and positive ions that “neutralize” charged ions in the body. Then those neutralized particles are pulled out of the body, drawing toxins along with them. Some of these claimants also argue that ionizing footbaths over time create a healthier pH balance in the body.

Salt Cave - Halotherapy

Himalayan Pink Salt

salt cave

15 Minutes • $12

30 Minutes • $25

What is it?

Salt rooms deliver the experience of dry salt therapy where the air inside a room emits microscopic salt particles from a halogenerator for the purpose of relaxation and healing. This natural remedy involves inhaling medical-grade dry salt in a controlled environment such as a cave or bath, for a natural remedy that can soothe your skin, address any respiratory problems and resolve other medical issues such as a stuffy nose from flu.

Unlike normal table salt, the salt used in this treatment has not been stripped of its natural minerals which means as you inhale and absorb the salt, you also soak up the rich minerals. This is essentially how the salt room can offer healing benefits such as reducing allergy symptoms, curing a common cold, or even treating the lymphatic system. Many of our patients have also reported that visits to a salt therapy room have improved their mood significantly, leaving them feeling peaceful, fresh, and completely relaxed.

When should it be used?

Salt rooms are quite popular with people who suffer from anxiety and depression. Better moods, healthier mental performances, lower levels of stress, and even improved sleep patterns have been reported. Salt rooms can be great to help with treating medical conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, breathing allergies, and more.

One of the benefits of salt room therapy is clear skin. As your skin is your first defense against harmful chemicals and particles, salt particles can help to normalize the body’s pH balance and increase the resilience of your skin. Some skin conditions halotherapy may improve include eczema, acne, and even anti-aging.

The salt room therapy process brings that feeling of calmness, similar to a beach experience which can help you make better decisions without feeling anxiety. So, next time you feel a little down, try out halotherapy.

The benefits of salt room therapy are unending with the boost of quality air that you breathe in. You can fight off illness better, recover the healthiness of your skin and improve your respiratory system.

Home Fitness Concept. Sport Mat and Equipment

Fitness Classes

pricing options

Individual Class: $8

*Monthly Membership: $55 Unlimited Classes

*Punch Card: $70 for 10 Classes (no exp.)

*Membership & Punch Card includes 5% discount on MonroeWellness Massage Therapy, Esthetics, Salt Cave, and Foot Detoxes while membership/card is active. (Excludes Michaela Kline Esthetics and Cosmetology services at The Salon)

*Membership requires credit card held on file and will be processed on the 1st of the month.

*Punch Card must be present to be used.


Weekly template note schedule goals

4:30 • FLOW y​oga

6:00 • yin y​oga


5:45 • flow yoga

4:30 • Power yoga

6:00 • zumba

9:00 • Ladyfit (Dance cardio)

Hand Drawn List


6:00 • ladyfit (Dance Cardio)

Hand Drawn List


Hand Drawn List


Hand Drawn List


Hand Drawn List


Hand Drawn List


Yoga group

yoga (Chair • hatha • flow)

A group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines aimed to control and still the mind, recognizing a detached witness-consciousness untouched by the mind & mundane suffering. You'll learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation practices designed to improve flexibility, strength, balance, & relaxation.

Multi-Ethnic Group of Women Dancing in a Zumba Class stock photo


A fun, effective dance workout that is a good option for people who enjoy upbeat music and an energetic group exercise environment. Zumba is not just a workout; it's a dance party where you can let loose, de-stress, and have a great time to improves cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility, and coordination.

pound (drumming cardio)

A high-energy, easily modifiable, full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with drumming. Participants of all ages and abilities use lightly weighted drumsticks to drum along to music, creating a fun and engaging workout that helps improve rhythm, coordination, and strength.


Lady Fit is committed to encouraging, supporting, and empowering strength in women, body, mind, and soul. We are dedicated to helping women achieve their goals while making fitness fun. LadyFit Cardio is all about the ladies making time for themselves and having that safe environment feel. From cardio dancing,

to weights, and more. It’s high energy and about stepping out of your comfort zone but having a blast doing it and the great part it's for all levels!

Woman Weight Lifting

strength training

A comprehensive workout aimed at building muscle strength and endurance. Through a variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups, our strengthening class offers a supportive and motivating environment to help you reach your goals.

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